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Snyper Tropes

Snyper now has a wiki page over at TV Tropes, which I’ve been a big fan of (and occasional escapee from) since its early days in the mid-2000’s. Check it out, entry pimp and let TV Tropes ruin your life(TM) at:

E-Book editions now available in the Store

Digital-download editions of Snyper are now available here in the store at the same retail price of $5.99.

The download comes as a Zip file containing both major e-book formats (Epub and Kindle/mobi) and isn’t tainted with the evilness of DRM copy protection. Multiple installations and platforms are also allowed within the same household, so there’s no need to buy twice if you ever change readers or if your spouse uses something different. Get it today!

Books Are In

The first case of books arrived today! Order shipments should start going out tomorrow. 🙂

Store Open

Autographed and personalized copies of Snyper are now available through the store tab here on Copies are $10.99 (retail on Amazon is $12.95), plus domestic shipping ($4 base plus $1 per additional copy).

The store seems to be working properly in the sandbox tests, but if you have any problems with the ordering process, please let me know through the contact form here on the site or by writing to Sales at_getsnyper_com.

I’ll be adding digital download capability for e-book sales shortly. And there’s also a new e-mail signup thingy on the sidebar.

Start the Presses

At last it’s here! After several weeks of layout editing, proofreading, design, yet more proofreading and production, the print version of Snyper, A Matter of Caliber is now available as a trade softcover (which is the larger, 6 x 9″ trim size, not a pocket paperback). And if I say so myself, it is quite pretty.

The links and metadata are still populating, but it’s available at a retail price of $12.95 via:

CreateSpace Store: :

For those of you preferring autographed or personalized copies, I’ll also be making direct sales here through my website. More details on that to follow, but if you’re interested in making a pre-order just write to Feedback * GetSnyper *com or use the contact form here on the website.

I’ll also be able to do sign-and-return if anyone wishes to have a retail-purchased copy autographed.

Happy Valentine’s Day

You know Phil is just gonna grumble and complain and stay in bed if Ashley will let him… But what makes this V-day even more special is the arrival of the first print proof! How apropos. I still have to give it one final go-through and check for any print and formatting problems, but it should be available for sale on Amazon in a week or two. I’ll also be offering direct sales for signed and personalized copies. More details soon!


Review – Hot Nerd Girl

And we have a great new review of Snyper: A Matter of Caliber over at Thanks, HNG!

Audio Interview – Geek Outlaw

Geek Outlaw corraled me in for a phone interview to talk about the book and the production process. Catch it here:

First Review

Snyper has its first review, thanks to Geek Outlaw! Read it here:


Snyper: AMOC is now listed on Goodreads! Update, rate, tell your friends. Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out how to get the cover graphic updated there.