Happy New Year

Happy holidays and a wonderful new year, Snyper fans.

It’s been a hectic 2015, with “Murderous Row” and an exhausting summer schedule that took quite some time to recover from. Frankly, I don’t know how my cosplay friends can do their back-to-back convention schedules without collapsing into a twitching heap at the end of it all.

In progress are the full sequel “Bitter & Fierce” and an interstitial novella titled “The Maltese Puppy”, which is an Ashley story told from her point of view. Let’s just say that leaving a couple of nymphs alone for the weekend probably isn’t a good idea on anyone’s part.

Most importantly, I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone I’ve met and been able to entertain during the year. Whether you’ve said hi at a convention, bought a book, left a review or whatever, it’s helped keep pushing me forward on this difficult narrative journey.

Thank you and best wishes,


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