These days, the gods are like mob bosses. They won’t dirty their hands anymore, zapping you with lightning bolts or opening the earth to swallow you up. Instead they have Eros, the alcoholic, divorced god of romance whose ability to go anywhere and magic bullets of love and hate make him the perfect contract killer. When a high-profile assignment ends in disaster, the disgruntled deity quits Mount Olympus for the island of Manhattan, trading his toga for a pair of gumshoes and a new life as Phil Bowman, private eye. But the gods will stop at nothing to get their hitman back—-even if it means a trip to the Lower East Side.

Part noir thriller, part tragic love story, Snyper clips Cupid’s wings and dumps him in a back alley for a darkly humorous take on love, death and destruction. After all, if you want someone dead, you arrange a bad accident. But if you want them to really suffer, you arrange a bad relationship. Emotions are the weapon of choice. And when you’re a god with a gun, the difference between love and hate is just a matter of caliber.


A military brat and the oldest of five children, J. Merideth Harmon has spent the majority of his career as a high-tech and corporate thrall. After escaping Wall Street with his soul intact, he shifted into the world of advertising and became a show writer for the Clio Awards. He lives in North Florida when he’s not touring the countryside in his zombie Ford Mustang.

Snyper: A Matter of Caliber is his debut novel and is the first in a planned seven-book series.